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>>> americans are now leaving japan. meanwhile, president obama says american are heartbroken and deeply concerned about the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear prices in japan. jamie costello is live in our interactive news center. jamie. >> they are laying new power cables to keep the reactors nice and cool, but officials are running out of time. on our website, we have a special section set up in japan to spotlight, we have the videos, earthquakes, tweets, and eyewitness accounts. we want to get the latest from japan tonight. >> there is no end to the nuclear crisis at the fukushima ma power plant. according to one u.s. official, the new focus is on reactors three and four, where old spent fuel rods are in danger of over heating and releasing plumes of radioactive activity. >> it is dangerous than the meltdown, because there's more radiation in an unguarded fuel pond. >> old fuel, it actually is more dangerous than the meltdown. its radiation in an unguarded spent fuel pond, but a full scale meltdown remains a possibility. at reactor three, the 5-foot container of concrete
. >>> and the crisis in japan has caused a crisis in gm. they'll put brakes on the program in shreveport, louisiana. gm is the first u.s. auto maker to stop production. >>> one group of student athletes from japan decided to push on with their plans to the united states. we caught up with the lacrosse team. >> reporter: the earthquake hit five days before the ko lacrosse team was to depart for the u.s.. the school wasn't directly affected by the quake, to continue on, it wasn't an easy decision. >> that was really difficult decision to go ahead. but, we had a discussion, finally, we decided to come here. japan is moving forward. we have to go forward. >> reporter: the team will visit new york and washington, d.c. this week, they're in baltimore, not just to soak up lacrosse history, but also to play exhibition games sport is exploding in popularity and japan. >> the motto is, lacrosse makes friends. that's what drew them to the sport primarily. that was the relationship with johns hopkins and also, this opportunity to build friendships. >> reporter: and the players take the game seriously. >> they're p
in japan. could it happen here? should we be looking into earthquake insurance? >>> and many teens and parents are concerned about how to pay for college. stew works for you -- abc2 works for you with tips on navigating that all important financial aid process. >>> in baltimore county, the study is crime is down. numbers put an exclamation point on a five-year downward trend. brian kuebler reports. >> reporter: the numbers are down. since 2005 the number of homicides in baltimore county dropped 50%. a trend only punctuated by the five-year low of 20 homicides reported in 2010. numbers the county executive calls remarkable. >> in the past year police officers in every precinct of this county fought to keep us safe with every tool at their disposal. >> reporter: it's those tools that were boasted about today, in addition to old fashioned police work the police department credits its gang enforcement unit, unit domestic violence coordinators. and other crimes that can lead to murder. >> we live and work in a community where government and the community works together. community ass
, call crimestoppers. it's 18667 lock up. >>> the impact of radiation leaked from the plant in japan is being seen again. two workers stepped into contaminated water. this is a day after the officials warned that levels of water are more than twice than safe from babies. >>> electronics could feel an impact from the radiation. >>> -- -- now, this is source of 6% of the products. >> all though, we haven't noticed japan as much as we did in the 80s. >> still, we rely on japan in spectors like automobiles and electronics. some of the tablet's of ipad two's parts are made in japan. some of the pieces of american auto are also produced in japan. as japan's recovery gets rolling, convict rises and that could rise prices at the pump. >>> looks like america's favorite past time is united the youth of baltimore. it's bringing the public and private school students to the baseball field. we'll tell you about the president's cup. >>> a teacher's aid is accused of playing match maker on facebook. you have to hear it to believe it. >>> we have some good anies about the price ofsome tables -- we
maryland is more committed than ever to the fight. >>> now to the continuing coverage of the quake in japan. tsunami warnings are listed in 50 countries. the number of missing is unknown. here's the latest. >> reporter: a massive wall of water swept away everything in its path following the largest earthquake in japan's history. the quake sent cars over bridges and sparked fires and hundreds of bodies were found in sendai city. amateur video shows people clinging to chairs and book shelves. , a number of strong aftershocks were felt two hundred miles away. >> there's a risk of mudslide. >> reporter: one resident says that tokyo is in a state of gridlock. >> all of the major train lines stopped and many stores closed and a lot of commuters and workers and people downtown are trapped there for the night. >> reporter: thish warnings were issued for dozens. some of the waves rolled in throughout the morning so far, no significant damage has been reported. >> it's not a major damaging event. there's going to be scattered damage allover the place. >> this morning, i spoke with the prime minister
sibling, a 3-year-old girl managed to escape. >>> in japan, experts say radiation being emitted from a damaged nuclear plant has come in the form of steam and not directly from fuel rods. that means it's slightly less dangerous. still, the japanese government is telling anyone within a 20-mile radius of a damaged nuclear reactor to stay inside. that is the same advice the u.s. government is giving to americans in japan. meanwhile, other countries are telling their citizens to leave tokyo because of the radiation concerns. >>> as the crisis in japan goes on it was the nuclear component that could potentially do the worst damage. ening -- engineers trying to head off meltdowns. many people have already been evacuated in fears of radiation contamination. experts say it can lead to cancer. how bad people are affected depends on how close they are to the radiation source, how much radiation they were exposed to and how long that exposure lasted. >>> a westminster woman is charged with giving a fake bomb report. maryland state police say 30-year-old serinna jones called the carroll coun
that many people are trying to figure out. the nuclear crisis in japan is causing really big concerns about the food supply. so far, 99 individually tested food products including spinage, milk, cabbage, and celery left with high radiation levels. >> what is safe today and two days later, that was not true. >> now the store manager says he spends time every day trying to convince customers that the food he sells is safe. >>> today is opening day for baseball here in the u.s. but the earthquake and tsunami has quieted the passionate japanese fans and pushed back the start of their baseball season. reports from tokyo, players are using the extended offseason to help out the victims. >> you'll hear the sounds of baseball along japan's ravaged northern coast, just not cheers for professional baseball. high school ball is the only show on tv for evacuees. the region's biggest star far from the field collecting donations. he plays for sendai's eagles. a team displaced by the disaster. everybody rallied to help us, he says, we must do our best to win for them. opening day in japan has been dela
to doctor. they hope to prevent deaths. >>> more trouble in japan tonight. the chief of the u.s. nuclear regulatory commission says all of the water is gone from one of the fuel pools at a troubled nuclear plant in japan. according to an associated press report, this means that there is nothing to stop those fuel rods from getting hotter and ultimately malting down. officials believe radiation levels are extremely high and that could slow down efforts to stop the temperatures from rising. >>> a delta airlines is pitching in to help the relief efforts. the company is donating a million dollars. $250,000 will go to the japanese red cross society, the atlanta- based airline will also match up to 5 million miles against customers donations to help transport volunteers and supplies. >>> and a county museum is trying to do it's part to help japanese earthquake victims. the national museum of civil war medicine is taking donations and celebrating the contributions of american red cross founder clara barton who is best for member for her work with wounded soldiers. donors can give online or on t
. >>> japan is asking for experts to help them with troubled nuclear plants tonight. the uranium rods have been exposed for the second time today because of plunging water levels. that increases the risk that radiation will spread and there could eventually be a meltdown. japanese officials said the fuel rods in all three of the most troubled reactors at the site appear to be melting. >>> the harford county school board plans to vote tonight finally on the redistricting plan. the vote was delayed last month after making changes. they include the boundary lines for two elementary schools. those changes allow more students to stay at both of those schools. >>> on the weather front, you know what, clouds this morning, then the sunshine broke out nicely. temperatures remain cool through the day. but they are set to warm up a lot later this week. let's look first at the current conditions now. at -- excuse me -- at the naval academy in annapolis. we have 48 now. 52 downtown at the inner harbor. dc 52. and cambridge 49 now. take a look at the overall state view and you can see there's passing
. >>> to the latest from japan. dozens of people near the stricken nuclear plant said they never were told how to avoid radiation after the nuclear accident. according to the associated press they said officials never prepared them for that type of emergency. >>> many people are pitching in to help in the wake of the massive earthquake and devastating tsunami. a massachusetts girl is parting with some of her toys, books and clay sculptures to raise money for the people who need help. she came up with the idea after learning about the disaster in her first grade class. >> it's kinds of hard to sell my toys and books but not hard to make the sculptures. >> saturday morning she woke up and said mommy, i have a strong feeling i need to help the people in japan. she said mommy, i have a lot of toys. i could sell my toys and give the money to the people in japan. >> the girl has already reached her $1,000 goal. her next goal is to top $2,000. good luck. >>> weatherwise, we had a nice-looking spring day. sunshine, temperatures up above 60 degrees. kind of the calm before the storm. tomorrow, much di
of stores it wants operated. >>> an emotional graduation for young students in japan. how they are hoping to turn the pain into hope. and, potentially deadly hazard around your home. why those batteries can be a threat for parents and children alike. >>> stocks are closing higher today after consumer confidence fell less than some amists feared. the -- analysts feared. >>> in tonight's "consumer watch" -- important warning for parents. tiny-sized button batteries popping up in all kinds of products around the house, leading to some warnings, of risk of swallowing them. they are not just limited to young children. here's karen caifa. >> reporter: shiny, smaller than a coin, potentially dangerous to children. button batteries power more toys and other devices than other household devices, the consumer product safety commission wants parents to be aware of certain possible hazards. >> they are commonly left around children. >> reporter: the biggest concern is these batteries, if swallowed, the consequences can be dire. >> if it becomes lodged in a throat chemical burns can occur in as lit
. >>> containment of three reactors in japan is appearing to be better. the executive director says that the situation appears to be on the verge of stabilizing. >>> and the father/son team arrested for hosting an underaged drinking party may face a stiffer penalty. the 51 year and the 21-year-old ran a facebook page called the laughing duck. they would advertise the events on their facebook page. underaged drinking is an issue they've tried to fight and a recent study shows that harford county teens bing drink at highier levels than the rest of the state. >>> all right, weatherwise today. we're seeing more active weather brew to the west. five sweeps showing all clear now. across baltimore and the eastern shore. not the case further west. we have a few storms rumbling towards garrett county. this is making its way closer to home. look at the warm weather we've had here. 69 in ellicott city. 73 in frederick and fort meade, 70 and cooler in the low 60s here. we're in the 50s for the rest of the evening and we have a few showers mainly west. we have a few chance of storms later on in
their assault drawing fire from war planes. >>> tonight, japan's prime minister is calling the condition grave and serious after a crippled power plant. the situation at this plant is defear rating quickly. overnight, the pickest breach yet. there's been damage to the reactor core and it's leaking high levels of radiation. >> remember, that the unit contains plutonium. it's known to science. a speck of plutonium could cause cancer if it's ingested prime minister apologized to those who's lives have been turned upside down. they were rushed for medical treatment. 10,000 times more -- now, there's a fear they may have to abandon the plant all together. certain areas will be uninhabitable for centuries. >>> if you're wanting a black ford truck, get it now. there's a problem getting an ingredient for the color from japan. they think they have enough paint to meet the current consumer demands. >>> tonight, they're strong, invasive and potentially fatal. we're talking about the latest round of superresistant germs and the antibiotics that have no effect on them. hospitals and nursing homes are breed
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13